The Cake and the Rain

The stories behind the songs. Jimmy's book NOW AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE.

I drifted from the center of the room, where I’d greeted Nancy Sinatra, a sweet, straightforward kid my age, and her father who wasn’t really known for long, frivolous conversations. Nobody knew who the hell I was unless they were telepathic, which made it easier to slide through the seekers and sounders and find a friendly bar stool in the corner. I ordered a beer and swiveled to face the crowd, which had reached maximum spatial saturation, a point at which literally no person in the room can move in any direction for any distance. Networking shuts down. Now people just want to get out alive.

I laughed and wheeled around to devote my attention to the gold veins in the black mirror behind the bar. “These Boots Are Made for Walking” was just short of deafening on the sound system as I felt, rather than sensed, a person immediately to my right.
A familiar baritone bourbon voice reverberated in my ear “Jimma.”

The guy had bent  over and put his elbow right down on the bar to talk to me. I eased my head around cautiously, not sure who had managed to move in so close.

“Jimma!” he said again, and I found myself nose-to-nose and eyebrow-to-eyebrow with Elvis Presley.