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Chanderi sarees got its name from a small place in Madhya Pradesh called Chanderi. Chanderi is a small town in the high dry hills of Northcentral Madhya Pradesh. It has been famous for its handlooms since the reign of the Scindia royal family. Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh is made in silk that reflects the patterns found in temples in Chanderi. Chanderi fabric is one of the most preferred fabric to both summers as well as winters.

The best part of the chanderi sarees is the harmony that it maintains between the body and the border of the saree. It adds grace to the look of the attire. The most common pattern is the off white color on the body and the various colors on the border. Chanderi has zari Patti in which the design is enriched by using butis and motifs in the body of the saree.

chanderi silk saree

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