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How Many Pages in Total Should Be in a PhD Thesis?

So, the scope of a Ph.D. thesis varies depending on the discipline. For the humanities, the minimum volume is 150 pages, the maximum is 200 pages. Subject to writing 14-point size, with 1.5 spacing. For technical disciplines, the volume is somewhat less - from 100 to 150 pages. Because mathematical and physical disciplines explain a lot in graphs and calculations, and not in text. Compliance with the named volume of the Ph.D. thesis allows you to fully reveal the topic, and at the same time - to exclude the presence of "extra" water. For comparison, the volume of a doctoral dissertation is 300-400 pages. Also, with the condition of 14 pins and one and a half spacing.

Distribution of the volume by sections of the Ph.D. thesis

The first rule regarding the distribution of volume by chapters and sections of a PhD dissertation is that it must be distributed evenly. No distortions - too much introduction and small chapters, for example. Let us consider in detail how the volume is distributed in each of the sections:

  • introduction;

  • the first chapter is "Problem";

  • the second chapter is "Theory";

  • the third chapter - "Practice";

  • the fourth head is "Evidence".

The introduction indicates the main milestones of your research - goals, objectives, problem, research methods. Remember that this is not about a diploma or a term paper, so you need to devote 5-10 sheets to this in your PhD thesis.

The first chapter describes the problem raised in your research, its relevance and novelty. It is worth devoting 30 sheets to this. The second chapter contains the theoretical substantiation of the work, describes the sources that you used. Its volume is also 30 sheets. The third chapter is practical, in which you explain how, with the help of the chosen research methods, you have achieved your goals. This can be devoted from 20-40 pages, depending on the complexity of your research.

The fourth chapter is devoted to proving the hypotheses that you came to refute and confirm in your dissertation. Be specific and concise, but don't go beyond 30 sheets. It will not be superfluous to repeat that information should be distributed evenly across all chapters. Conclusion - a final summary of the work, a summary of all aspects of the content, as well as conclusions, it contains 3 sheets.

Assistance in writing a PhD thesis

As you can see, writing a PhD dissertation contains a huge number of difficulties and nuances. It is necessary to observe the volume, as well as adhere to certain rules of presentation or design. Writing a high-quality PhD will take a lot of time and will require a lot of dedication from you.

If there is no opportunity to devote yourself entirely to a Ph.D. thesis, and you need a degree, contact the specialists of the center. They will help you quickly and efficiently cope with writing a thesis, they will draw up everything correctly, and answer all your questions about the defense. Contact us and be sure of successful protection.

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