The Songs

"I never got to hear Berlin or Gershwin perform in a club, however, I will be able to say I saw Jimmy Webb sitting at a Steinway. . . performing his songs. Words and Music that are embedded in the musical soul of our country, and will be played for generations to come.
...To hear the composer sing and play his songs is always something special, and to hear the songs of Jimmy Webb performed by Jimmy Webb is a momentous experience.  I hope it’s not too over the top to say, but for the non music lovers out there, I can only compare it to hearing Thomas Jefferson reading the Declaration of Independence..."
– Stephen Sorokoff, The Times Square Chronicles

Billboard's top 10 songs written by Jimmy Webb

01. MacArthur Park – Donna Summer, 1978
02. Wichita Lineman – Glen Campbell, 1969
03. MacArthur Park – Richard Harris, 1968
04. Worst That Could Happen – Brooklyn Bridge, 1969
05. Galveston – Glen Campbell, 1969
06. Up, Up And Away – The Fifth Dimension, 1967
07. All I Know – Art Garfunkel, 1973
08. Honey Come Back – Glen Campbell, 1970
09. By The Time I Get To Phoenix – Glen Campbell, 1967
10. Where's The Playground Susie – Glen Campbell, 1969

Jimmy Webb Songs

A Tramp Shining
After All The Loves Of My Life
All I Know
All My Love’s Laughter
Alyce Blue Gown
Angel Heart
Another Lullaby
Asleep On The Wind
Belmont Avenue
By The Time I Get To Phoenix
Carpet Man
Cheap Lovin’
Christiaan No
Crying In My Sleep
Dancing Girl 
Didn’t We
Do What You Gotta Do
Dream Worth Keeping
Easy For You To Say
Eleventh Song, The
Elvis And Me
Evie (See Euie)
Everybody Gets to Go to the Moon
Feet in the Sunshine
For TV Show “Tales From the Crypt”: Loved To Death
Grow Young
Highwayman, The
The Hive
Honey, Come Back
I Don’t Know How To Love You Anymore
I Keep It Hid
If These Walls Could Speak
If This Was the Last Song
If You Must Leave My Life
If You See Me Getting Smaller
In The Final Hours
Is There Love After You?
It Won’t Bring Her Back
It’s A Sin When You Love Somebody
Someone Else
Just Like Always
Just This One Time
Lady Fits Her Blue Jeans
Light Years
Lightning In A Bottle
Little Tin Soldier
Louisa Blu
Lovers Such As I
Lucky Me
MacArthur Park
Mixed Up Girl
Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, The
Mr. Shuck ‘n’ Jive
My Christmas Tree
Name Of My Sorrow
Ocean In His Eyes
Oklahoma Nights
Once In The Morning
One Of The Nicer Things
Only One Life
Orange Air

P.F. Sloan
Paper Chase
Paper Cup
Postcards From Paris
Pocketful of Keys
Requiem: 820 Latham
Rosecrans Blvd.
Saturday Suit
Scissors Cut
See You Then
She Moves, Eyes Follow
Skylark, A Meditation (See Skylark)
Someone Is Standing Outside
Still Within The Sound Of My Voice
Summer’s Daughter
That’s The Way It Is
That’s The Way It Was
The Girls’ Song
The Hymns From The Grand Terrace
The Magic Garden
The Yard Went On Forever
These Are All Mine
This Is Where I Came In
This Is Your Life
Time Flies
To Make It Easier On You
Too Young To Die
Up, Up And Away
Wasn’t There A Moment
What Does A Woman See In A Man
Whatever Happened To Christmas
When Can Brown Begin
Where Do Unicorns Go 
Where The Universes Are
Where’s The Playground, Susie
Where Words End (Just Across the River)
Wichita Lineman
Wooden Planes
Worst That Could Happen, The
You Can’t Treat The Wrong Man Right
You Might As Well Smile

The Last Unicorn

The Last Unicorn
Man’s Road
In the Sea
Now That I’m a Woman
That’s All I’ve Got to Say 
The Last Unicorn Part 2
Forest Awakens: The Unicorn Forest/The Hunters
Red Soup
Red Bull Attacks
The Cat
The Tree
Haggard’s Unicorns
Unicorns in the Sea
Unicorn and Lir