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When he's on the stage singing, nobody is more powerful than Jimmy Webb. And this album gets the whole feeling of what it's like to hear him live. Most of the time, people trim these things back and they mess around with the acoustics. But this is right off the plate, so to speak, that's why I live it. He's singing songs that he's written, some of them years ago, but it sounds like he wrote them yesterday, doesn't it? I recently recorded "Highwayman" for the {Winter Stories} album that I did with Chatham County Line. I'm crazy about Jimmy Webb and his music, and he's such a sweetheart.   Judy Collins, Uncut April 2022




Jimmy's new album of piano arrangements, "Slipcovers", is available for pre-order and will be released on May 17, 2019.​

This album is dedicated to the eleven great composers represented here. One of my songs is included on this project, which could be misconstrued as me inviting myself to my own coronation; “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress” is included at the request of my wife, Laura. 


Without the constant interruption of my singing, this is an instrumental album whose stylistic roots embrace an early background in hymnology, a little classical training, and an intense period in the L.A. studio environment mentored by “Wrecking Crew” member Larry Knechtel. There is as well a dollop
of “slip key” or “slip note,” a Nashville studio style popularized by the late and gifted giant, Floyd Cramer. I would be remiss to not honor my first great inspiration in piano arranging, Susan Goddard of Oklahoma City: a true genius. 

These tunes are meant to gently remind listeners that the post-Great American Songbook music from American and British “pop” composers was rich with sumptuous melody and chord structure. Romance in music did not die in the 60’s--Au contraire it was in full flower. These songs have touched me deeply and as I present them now in this minimalist setting, many emotions are reawakened stronger than ever. I hope you will find them to be “old friends” waiting patiently for a return visit.


Thank you, Randy Newman, for inspiring me to pursue this idea. Thank you, Steve Greenberg, for furnishing a platform. 

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This new album once again unites Jimmy Webb with some of today’s biggest selling and most enduring artists for once-in-a-lifetime performances, including the iconic “MacArthur Park.” In celebration of the Park’s 45th Anniversary, Jimmy reached out to Brian Wilson for his inspirational vocal harmonies, which take this American Classic soaring to new heights. The album is full of inspirational vocal performances from the breathless seduction of Carly Simon on “Easy For You To Say” to the joyful contemporary styling of Keith Urban on “Where's The Playground, Susie.” By celebrating Jimmy Webb's career as a singer, songwriter, and performer, it is easy to see why so many artists have joined together for this amazing collection of duets from the Jimmy Webb Great American Songbook. Besides the artists already mentioned, other special guests featured on “Still Within the Sound of My Voice” include Lyle Lovett, David Crosby & Graham Nash, Marc Cohn, Amy Grant, Joe Cocker, Kris Kristofferson, Art Garfunkel and Rumer.

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There has never been a songwriter like Jimmy Webb. And there has never been an album of his songs like Just Across the River.
– Editorial Review

As a performer Jimmy has released numerous critically-acclaimed albums over the years, earning distinguished reviews in all of the major publications, and unqualified praise following his appearances in concert halls and top cabaret venues. But he has never attempted a project like Just Across The River, where his singing AND songwriting is celebrated by the collaborations of his peers, like Jackson Browne and Willie Nelson, as well as artists who have revered his music for years, like Lucinda Williams, Michael McDonald, and Vince Gill. There has never been a songwriter like Jimmy Webb. And there has never been an album of his songs like Just Across The River.


Jimmy's recording output covers six decades. Following are albums available to purchase at and iTunes. Click on the cover icons below for more information, listen to samples and purchase CDs and tracks.

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