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"Someone is Standing Outside" (2020)

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

“Someone is Standing Outside” 2020 Thelma Houston and Jimmy Webb – video and song release this week!  Here is the backstory on this “call to kindness”:

Longtime friends Jimmy Webb and Thelma Houston got to talking during the beginning of the pandemic about how many people were lonely and in distress.  "Thelma emailed me when the pandemic started and suggested we re-release 'Someone is Standing Outside.' Shortly after we started talking about it, George Floyd was killed and the protests started. We all felt alone in our quarantine, battered by misunderstandings and fear and injustice. I thought again about the song, and updated the lyrics to reflect where we are." 

Jimmy wanted a choir to sing with Thelma.  He was familiar with the talented Ontario's Enter A Cappella Choir from Sir William Mulock Secondary School. They were all sheltering in place and on school break but generously said YES to the project.  We found safe studios for Thelma in LA and Jimmy on Long Island. The students recorded from their homes. Video was recorded on iPhones and computers and edited by Choir director Chris Uchida. Veteran Webb producer Fred Mollin put it all together in Nashville.  Almost everyone involved donated their time and talents to make this happen from the musicians to the editors, to the project manager, graphic artists and technical advisor to the publicists.  We want this message heard.

And here it is, this call to kindness – "Someone is Standing Outside" the 2020version - sung by R&B Grammy winner, Thelma Houston and accompanied by composer Jimmy Webb on piano.  The song will be officially released on Wednesday, August 19 but our friends can stream it now by clicking below. Tomorrow we will premiere the video.  

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